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Hypertherm Serial Communication

The general setup procedure to establish communication with a Hypertherm power source is as follows:

1) Communication between the myCNC controller and the Hypertherm power source is established through the channel reserved for the operator panel, therefore the connection parameters must be set in the Panel / Pendant → Operator Panel tab:

2) To establish communication, you must set the check marks for Hypertherm Serial Interface and Host PC to Hypertherm Interface to ON:

3) Save your settings and reload the software for the changes to take effect

4) At this point, you can check the connection in the Hypertherm Diagnostics window:

When this window is opened, the system requests information from the power source several times per second and, when receiving a response, will display this information in the corresponding fields:

Other test commands can be sent using buttons from the Hypertherm Communication window, with the responses from the power source being printed in the Log window:

In addition, you can manually send commands for test switching on and off gases using the following buttons in the Hypertherm Diagnostics tab:

At this point, the Hypertherm setup within myCNC should be complete.

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