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Modbus Devices available

The following Modbus devices are currently available:

  • WP8025ADAM
  • WP8026ADAM
  • WP8027ADAM
  • WP8028ADAM
  • WP9038ADAM

The devices differ in the number of digital or analog inputs/outputs. Below is a table with the description for the Modbus devices currently sold through the myCNC shop:

Device Description
WP8028ADAM 8 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs
WP8027ADAM 16 digital outputs, 0 inputs (write-only)
WP8026ADAM 16 digital inputs, 0 outputs (read-only)
WP8025ADAM 8 relay outputs (normally open)
WP9038ADAM 6 analog inputs, 4 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs. The digital inputs/outputs work similarly to the WP8028

The main features of each of the Modbus devices are listed below:



  • 8 relay outputs Modbus device
  • Relay contact capacity: 2A/250VAC, 2A/30VDC
  • External power suppy: DC 9V-30V/2W
  • 125x73x35mm

Relay output diagram: 8025-relay.jpg



  • 16 digital inputs Modbus device
  • DC 9V-30V/2W power supply
  • 125x73x35mm

Default settings: 9600 baud, 8, N, 1

Digital input diagram: 8026-digital-input-diagram.jpg



  • 16 digital outputs Modbus device
  • DC 9V-30V/2W power supply
  • 125x73x35mm

Digital outputs diagram:



  • 8 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs
  • DC 9V-30V/2W power supply
  • 125x73x35mm

Digital inputs diagram: 8028-digital-inputs-diagram.jpg

Digital outputs diagram:



  • 6 analog input channels, 4 digital output and 4 digital input channels
  • Analog input type: DC 0-20mA/4-20mA
  • Analog input accuracy: ±0.02mA
  • External power supply: DC 9V-30V/2W
  • 125×73×35mm

Digital inputs diagram: 9038-digital-input-diagram.jpg

Digital outputs diagram:

Analog inputs diagram: 9038-analog-input-diagram.jpg

The devices can be used by plugging them into the controller directly, and using the Hardware PLC / Config settings to control, or by plugging them into the host computer using a USB cable provided in the kit. The setup and the configuration dialogs are described in the PLC/Modbus API and Host Modbus API manuals.

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