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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfolded version: Frequently Asked Questions


Is a PC required to use the myCNC controller?

Is a myCNC controller required to use the myCNC software?

Can the myCNC software be customized to the client's specific needs?

What sort of technical support is provided?

Software Setup

What are the login credentials for a computer running a custom Linux build?

The login credentials for all Linux computers using the myCNC Ubuntu MATE installation are the following:

Login: mycnc

Password: operator

How do I navigate the myCNC software?

How to load G-code or DXF files into the software?

How to update the software?

How to update the profile?

How to switch the profile / technology?

Why do the changes to Config/Settings not take effect as soon as the Save Cfg button is pressed?

How to roll back to a previous version of the software?

How to restore a profile?

How to set up homing?

How to remove the homing dialog that keeps popping up when starting the program?

How to set up default I/O ports' names?

How to change Screen Size and Position

How to change the Interface Language?

How to change the program units (mm and inches)?

How to check what a button/on-screen element does?

How does the Run from Here procedure work?

What's the difference between axes and motor outputs

Hardware Setup and Troubleshooting

Why is there no connection between my computer and the myCNC controller?

Why do ports turn on/off automatically when opening and closing the program?

Why is the tool change macro M6 not working?

Why is the machine not moving despite the on-screen coordinates changing?

How does encoder resolution work in myCNC?

What to do if it seems like there is something wrong with the hardware?

Why does the Parts Library not show certain parts?

Why do ClearPath drivers not work out of the box?


What to do when the THC (Torch Height Control) system isn't working?

How does the Back to Path button work?

Tangential Knife

Why is the knife not turning when using the Tangential Knife profile (X1366V)?

How does the M309 (Remove Whole Turns) macro work?

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