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Popup messages

This is an expanded manual that serves to introduce the user to the concept of popup messages beyond the basics described in the MyCNC Configuration Dialogs manual.

The following settings are available:

  • Popup Message Number
  • Position (X&Y) on the screen
  • Size of the popup window (in pixels)
  • Header (title) of the popup message
  • Header size and font size
  • Message (body) of the popup window which allows to present additional information to the user
  • Message size and font size
  • Footer of the popup message
  • Footer size and font size
  • Button image (specify the file location)
  • Button size
  • Button action to run a specific macro when the button is clicked
  • Timeout to hide the popup window (in seconds)
  • Variable number to display (usually in footer, through [%d]) - useful to display a changing variable, like time in seconds, etc.
  • Coefficient K to multiply the variable by. Useful to convert tiny incremental changes (such as fractions of a second) or large rapidly changing numbers into numbers that can be easily read by the user.
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