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DC Motor Control

DC motor control is implemented in myCNC software, and it useful for certain hardware such as the affordable THC lifters used on certain systems:

To turn on DC motor control, head into Settings → Config → Technology → THC, and enable the DC Motor Control option:

When the checkbox is enabled, the Z+ and Z- buttons send commands to turn on the DC motor instead of controlling the Z axis via pulse-dir. This is also relevant in situations where it appears that the the pulse-dir Z axis does not move and the coordinates do not change despite pressing the buttons - it is then necessary to check whether this option has been incorrectly left enabled.

Pictured below is the DC motor driver board:


There are two control signals - direction and PWM voltage (speed) reference signal.

Gvariables used for DC control

Name Global variable Description
GVAR_SET_THC_PWM 8970 Set a PWM number to work with the DC motor
Value assigned to variable
0 Disable (switch to regular pulse-dir axis)
1 Enable PWM1
2 Enable PWM2
3 Enable PWM3
Name Global variable Description
GVAR_SET_THC_PWM_Dir 8971 Set a DIR signal number
Name Global variable Description
GVAR_SET_DC_MOVE 8972 Give a Jog command, with the recorded variable being the movement speed
Value assigned to variable
Positive value Movement up
Negative value Movement down
0 Stop
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