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Pipe/Tube Cutting

Tube cutting is a feature on the X1366P profiles designed for S- and Y-tubes (such as the X1366PYT profile).

The following settings are available:

  • Y Tube Cutting enable/disable toggle: turns the tube cutting mode ON and OFF. Toggling between tube and sheet cutting is available on the main screen of the X1366PYT profile (top bar)
  • Pulses per revolution: Number of pulses per one full revolution, divided by pi (3.14…)
  • Tube diameter: in mm

The options for switching between sheet and tube cutting are available in the top menu in the X1366PYT profile. You can use the dedicated button, or switch via global variables (global variable #7453).

When cutting normally (for applications other then pipe cutting), the Y-axis pulse-per-unit value is taken from the default Axes/Motors field in the myCNC Settings (Settings > Config > Axes/Motors > Pulses per Unit).

In contrast, when switching to the “Y tube cutting” mode, this value is changed and calculated using your Pulses per Revolution and pipe diameter:

Global variables reserved for pipe cutting

Global Variable Comment
7453 if the variable is equal to 99 (==99), then pipe mode will be enabled
7455 Pipe diameter
7451 the number of pulses per one full turn pipe revolution

The total value is calculated as

[(Global Variable #7451) / (Pipe Diameter)]

Pipe cutting demo

A video illustrating myCNC's pipe cutting capabilities is available here:

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