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The scriber functionality makes use of the following global variables:

Variable number Variable name Description
5785 GVAR_SCRIBER_HEIGHT Marking height
5786 GVAR_SCRIBER_OFFSET Difference between plasma torch height and scriber position. The final scriber position is taken as gvariables 5785 + 5786
5787 GVAR_SCRIBER_LIFT Lift height after marking
5788 GVAR_SCRIBER_POSX Coordinate X
5789 GVAR_SCRIBER_POSY Coordinate Y

The posX and posY values represent the coordinates at which the last IHC measurement was made. If the new coordinate for marking differs from this point by less than the specified distance, then it is assumed that no additional probing is necessary and the marking procedure is started. If the distance from the original IHC measurement position differs by more than a specified distance however, then the probing is done again (via the M72 command).

This method works well for work material (such as a metal sheet for plasma cutting) that may be slightly uneven or crooked. For spring-loaded scribers, changing the height within a small range does not impact the overall performance by a significant margin, therefore it is not necessary to always run a probing process prior to marking.

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