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Dental Mill

The myCNC software features a number of options that make it convenient in dental mill setup usage.

A prime example is the usage of ATC Pots (NOTE: This is an experimental feature that is currently in beta). These allow for the user to set up machines with long automated runs, with features such as Work Time/Max Work Time, different pots assigned to specific tip profiles and working materials, etc. This functionality is also described in the following manual: MyCNC Configuration Dialogs - ATC Pots.

An example of a simple on-screen visualization for the tool time could then look something like this:

<gitem where="xp" name="testpotswg" position="80;80" width="500" height="300" bgColor="##b-main"
 <gitem where="testpotswg" name="1toolview1" type="tool1view"
 position="5;5" width="400" height="35" bgColor="##b-main"
 border-color="white" border-width="2" border-radius="3" pot="1"
tselection="#ea9a00;#936B1E" />

This sample UI element would then look the following way:

A more complex UI tool1view element may look the following way:

<gitem where="toolsview" name="1toolview13"  type="tool1view"
 position="450;170"  width="68" height="44"
 border-color="#3d3c3c" border-width="1" border-radius="0"
 pot="13" fontFamily="Roboto" fontStyle="bold"
 tnumber="6;5;25;16;19" tmaterial="35;8;30;12;10" ttip="12;30;20;10;10" 
 tdiameter="40;30;20;10;10" tprogress="1;22;66;8"
 tselection="#ea9a00;#936B1E" />

In the example above, the following atributes are used:

  • tnumber for Tool #
  • tmaterial for Tool Material (from ATC Pots)
  • ttip for the Tip Profile
  • tdiameter for the tool's diameter
  • tprogress for a visual indication of the tool usage progress (using the Tool Working Time and Max Working Time)

To find out more about screen editing, please consult the following manual: Screen Editing and Configuration

Relevant global variables

The following global variables are useful for a dental mill (due to their functionality being tied to the ATC pots):

Global variable name Number Comment
GVAR_TOOLPOT_01_TIME 6120 Current work time, in s, for tool pot 1
GVAR_TOOLHOLDER_01_POSITION 6121 +6. Tool pot 01 X position
6122 +6. Tool holder 01 Y position
6123 +6. Tool holder 01 Z position

This is repeated every 10 digits - for instance, the X position for each subsquent pot is defined as:

Global variable name Number Comment

Expand the rest of the table

Similarly, the work time for tool pot 39, for example, is defined by


Currently, 40 pots are reserved, with ten global variables for each pot.

Dental Mill Example

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