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Hypertherm Automatic Gas Console (AGC)

The X1366P-AGC profile for the myCNC software is presented below:

The Automatic Gas Console panel allows to set the preflow and cutflow gas pressures, as well as run the testing procedures on both of those states. The testing software PLCs are available:

  if (a==0) { gvarset(7473, 1); }
  else {gvarset(7473, 0); };
  if (a==0) { gvarset(7472, 1); }
  else {gvarset(7472, 0); };
  • To enable AGC functionality, first navigate over to Settings > Config > Technology > Plasma Cutting > Plasma Settings and enable the Hypertherm Serial Interface and Host PC to Hypertherm Interface options:

  • Next, head over to Config > Panel/Pendant > Operator Panel. Here, you can configure the connection parameters by setting the Enable checkbox to ON, as well as selecting the Serial Port number and Serial connection speed with the Hypertherrm console. Note that a UART-RS422/485 or a USB-RS422/485 adapter is required for physical communication with the AGC.

  • Writing 999999 to the following global variable registers will initiate a request to the console to obtain the appropriate information which will then be written to the same registers (in the case of Firmware, the information will be recorded as an SVariable rather than a GVariable):
Name Global variable Comment
GVAR_HT_GAS_MIXING_SETPOINT 7467 Mixing setpoint
GVAR_HT_SYSTEM_ERROR 7468 System error code
GVAR_HT_SYSTEM_STATUS 7469 System status code
GVAR_HT_FIRMWARE_VERSION 7471 Firmware version (as a string variable)
  • Writing a 1 or a 0 in the following global variable registers will turn cutflow/preflow testing ON and OFF:
GVAR_HT_TEST_CUTFLOW_GASES 7472 Cutflow testing on/off
GVAR_HT_TEST_PREFLOW_GASES 7473 Preflow testing on/off
  • The following global variables are used to display the pressure values:
7660 Plasma preflow pressure
7661 Shield preflow pressure
7662 Plasma cutflow pressure
7663 Shield cutflow pressure
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