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Update MyCNC Profile

Updating the profile from within myCNC software

Current myCNC profile configuration can be stored, restored or updated from our Server.

A profile Store/Restore features available in “Support” widget

Store profile on myCNC server

To Store profile on myCNC Server press a button “Store Profile on myCNC Server” Confirmation dialog will be shown after the profile uploading complete.

Update profile on myCNC server

To update the profile from our Server

  • Put “*” to “Controller UID” input line. In this case “Factory default” profiles fill be filtered
  • Select the last date in “Date” Combobox
  • Select components you want to update
    • “Screen” selection makes sense since it will be the last screen we prepared for this profile
    • “Macros” & “PLC” components are completely up to you. Most likely you did some changes in macros and PLC while the machine setup. In this case you need to keep your files and don't update macros/PLC. You may use macros/PLC update if your machine setup is still in progress and you need to rollback to Factory defaults.
    • Variables - Never update the cnc-variables.xml file unless absolutely necessary since it contains all your machine settings like “pulse per mm”, motor outputs configuration, input-output assignments etc.
  • Press “Load Profile form myCNC Server” button“
  • Confirmation dialog will appear. Check that everything has been selected correctly and confirm the update.

Manual profile update

In case there is no recently updated version of the profile you are looking for on the server, you can manually download it from the main site. Please follow the instructions below to manually update your profile to the latest available version:

1. Go to the main site's Download page and scroll down to the Profiles section, then click on the profile you would like to update and select Save

2. Copy the archive file that you have downloaded to home/.config/myCNC/profiles

3. If you would like to keep your preferences from your previous profile, do not extract the downloaded archive just yet. Instead, go to your old profile's folder and copy the cnc-variables.xml file over to your Desktop (or any other folder where you can temporarily store it during this setup process).

4. Additionally, if you have done any changes to the Hardware/Software PLCs that you would like to keep, you can go into your old profile folder, and copy the plc folder over to your Desktop. Alternatively, you can copy the entire profile folder over to the Desktop to have as backup in case you would like to roll back after updating.

5. Extract the folder from the copied archive into the Profiles folder by right-clicking the archive and selecting the 'Extract Here' option, or by double-clicking the archive and extracting it by right-clicking on the folder in the window that appears. If you want to add your previous settings from Steps 3 and 4, replace the cnc-variables.xml file in your new profile folder with the one that you have copied to your desktop, and similarly replace the new plc folder with your old one.

5. Relaunch the myCNC application.

The manual profile update should now be complete.

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