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Touchsсreen calibration on Linux Ubuntu Mate

  • Hide (close) myCNC software to get Mate Desktop
  • open console program (MATE Terminal)
  • type calibration software name in terminal - “xinput_calibrator” and press enter
  • Calibration software window will appear
  • Follow the instructions and click 4 points the software will offer you
  • Open File Manager (“operator's Home icon on Desktop),
  • Go to File System / etc / X11 / xorg.conf.d
  • On the file 99-calibration.conf click Mouse Right Button and select Open as Administrator
  • Copy (replace if already present in) the data from xinput_calibrator to configuration file “99-calibration.conf”
  • Press “Save” button, close Editor window.
  • Restart the computer
  • Notice: you might need to repeat this procedure in case “Swap” option was changed while calibration.

Short video about Touchscreen calibration (on Russian only)

Видео калибровки сенсорного экрана (по-русски)

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