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Change IP Address for TinkerBoard SBC

1. Open Konsole (Click on Konsole Desktop shortcut or select Menu → Application → Terminal Emulator)

2. Open Network settings in editor with Administrator permissions. Type in the konsole

sudo  mcedit  /etc/network/interfaces

and press Enter.

There are 2 IP addresses setup on the Tinkerbboard by default

Configuration sections are

iface eth0 inet static
#    address

iface eth0 inet static

Symbol “#” is used as a line comment.

3. Edit Address to fix LAN IP Address as you need. Press F2, Enter keys to save changes. Reboot computer.

We noticed that
the last address only is configured if LAN connector is disconnected from Network while computer boot.
All IP addresses in the interfaces configuration file should be set up correctly if LAN connector is connected to Network while booting. We don't know if this is a bug or “feature”, just share this information.
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