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Teamviewer Reset Config

See also: AnyDesk Reset Config

If you create disk (microSD card content) from image with preinstalled Teamviewer software it may have identical with someone else's Teamviewer ID. If several computers with identical ID are connected to the Internet it might be a problem to connect to particular Computer via Teamviewer.

To solve this problem you need to reset Teamviewer configuration. Teamviewer with empty configuration will obtain new unique ID from Teamviewer servers.

Below there is sequence to obtain new Teamviewer ID

  • Open File Manager (Top left icon - “operator's Home”);
  • find “/etc” folder;

  • find there teamviewer folder and enter to it;

  • There is the only file global.conf;
  • Press right mouse button on it and select Open as Administrator;

  • Remove all content of the file and Save the changes;

  • Restart Teamviewer (press “Teamviewer STOP” icon, then “Teamviewer START”);

  • Accept Teamviewer EULA and check if new ID is assigned
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