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Password locking the settings menu

Video for newer software versions (recorded with v1.88.4222):

Sometimes it can be beneficial to close off the full settings setup to the end user while leaving the custom machine settings accessible for quick configuration. In order to lock the main settings menu behind a password, follow the instructions below:

1. Open Settings by clicking the Settings button on the main screen settings-lock-001.jpg

2. Select the Lock Menu on the screen that appears settings-lock-002.jpg

3. Select Change Password, the Lock settings settings-lock-003.jpg

4. Leave the Current Password field blank if you do not yet have a password, then enter your new password. Press OK. settings-lock-004.jpg

5. The password prompt should now appear when trying to enter the main Settings menu, settings-lock-005.jpg

In order to disable the password, go back to the Lock Menu, enter your current password and leave the new password fields blank. settings-lock-006.jpg

Password widget

Although not included in the Settings Lock functionality, myCNC also allows to set custom widgets with a password lock/protection. Find out more in the Screen Editing and Configuration manual under Password Widget.

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