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Welcome to the myCNC Documentation site

This website contains the manuals and documentation for the myCNC control boards and myCNC software designed and developed by Puruvesi Automation. The index for the site is located in the left sidebar. Below you can find the QuickStart section which is designed to introduce the user to the myCNC initial setup process, as well as some general controller and software information pages.

  • Welcome to myCNC Docs

    Please consult the QuickStart page for machine setup instructions

  • Welcome to myCNC Docs

    Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to get started

  • Welcome to myCNC Docs

    The Search bar is located in the top right corner of the screen

  • Welcome to myCNC Docs

    Visit our Forum for all discussion related to myCNC controllers and CNC in general

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MyCNC Quick Start:

Controller information:

General Software information:

Recently added/edited pages:

Page Date Comment
CNC Vision Setup Feb 26, 2024 Added info on potential zero coefficient results
Global Variables Feb 22, 2024 Added AxisPlus & Laser gvariables
CNC S-Variables (String Variables) Dec 14, 2023 Added missing svariables
Global Variables Dec 11, 2023 Added vars 8042-8060, 8010-8041
Working material edge detection Dec 05, 2023 Article created
Debug messages via global variables 20000-20100 Dec 05, 2023 Article created
Laser Cutting Dec 01, 2023 Info on homing and calibration
Frequently Asked Questions Oct 30, 2023 Difference between axes and motor outputs
AnyDesk Reset Config July 05, 2023 Article created
Firmware Reflash July 05, 2023 Expanded the reflash screenshots
Dental Aligners in myCNC Jan 09, 2023 Article created
Importing DXF files into myCNC Dec 14, 2022 Added more info on dxf2-import
MyCNC Installation on Ubuntu Nov 23, 2022 Ubuntu 22.04 LTS install

If you have any questions, or if you cannot find some information on this page, in the Site Index, or through the Search function, please reach out to the myCNC Support Team.

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